Spectacular Video of Sinabung Lava Dome!

This is recent activity of Sinabung Volcano. Rock falls, ash column, and Pyroclastic flow can be seen in the video!

Recent Activity of Sinabung Volcano, March 2016

Sinabung Volcano in March 2016
Sinabung Volcano in Northern Sumatra is still on its highest volcano activity. More than 25000 people were evacuated since 2013. Early March 2016, Volcano Monitory Post of Sinabung volcano recorded more than 5 eruptions every 24 hours. The lava dome is still growing, and create some pyroclastic flows. 

Eruption of Bromo 2016

Bromo eruption 2016
Now is the best moment to witness a volcano eruption! You will see cloud of hot ashes coming out from the volcano. You will smell the sulfuric gas, fresh from the volcano. Bromo volcano is on its highest volcanic activity now. Its a great time for film and making photos. Therefore, hurry up arrange your trip to Indonesia. We are ready to accommodate your travelling need! contact us at www.javaecotravel.com

Ijen Blue Fire

Ijen Blue Fire
Ijen Blue fire is the amazing natural phenomena in Indonesia. The blue fire is the main attractions, but the crater has more beauty. The crater name is Ijen crater. It is very famous of its green turquoise acid lake. To see the blue fire, the visitors must climb at night and arrive at the crater rim before the sunrise. It will be difficult for those who are lazy to get up early.

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