View of Merbabu Volcano from Merapi

Merapi Volcano
Merababu as seen from Merapi Volcano II Post
Merbabu Volcano (3145m ASL) is one of the most popular volcano for the climbers in Central Java. It is an active volcano with fumarole field on its crater, but officially Merbabu is a dorman volcano. Last eruption recorded was in 1797. Until now there is only fumarole activity on its crater.
The word "Merbabu" is derived from "Meru" meaning mountain and "Babu" means women. Climbing Merbabu and combine it with Merapi is a challenging activity. The trekking for both volcanoes only need two nights.

The climbing for Merbabu will need around 8 hours from the closest village "Wekas" to the summit "Kentheng Songo 3145m ASL". There are 3 peaks on the top of Merbabu, the Syarif  peak 3110m ASL, Tringulasi peak 3145m ASL, and Kentheng Songo 3142m ASL.

The best timing for the climbing is to start the trekking early morning or after lunch time. So the climber will get to the camping area nearby the summit before the dinner time. Bring good tend and warm cloth because the temperature ranged from 0 degree to 10 degree Celsius in the morning.

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