Tambora Volcano

Tambora volcano
The Crater Of Tambora
Tambora Volcano is an active volcano on the Sumbawa island, Indonesia. The Tambora eruption on 1815 was the biggest eruption since the human history. Global temperature anomaly happened after the eruption that gave disaster to the others part of the earth. 1816 was known as "Years without a summer", crop failed and animal died creating the worst food disaster in the 1800's.  
tambora guide
Galihadventure on Tambora
Before the 1815 eruption, the summit of the volcano reached 4000m above the sea level. Now, the highest point of Tambora is 2850m ASL. It will need at least 3 days trekking for the climbing.
tambora crater
The Caldera of Tambora
The tour to Tambora can be combined with the Komodo Island. This east part of Indonesia is a worth place to visit. The cultures and atmospheres are very different compared to Java and Sumatra part.

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